Friday, March 11, 2011

10 on 10

Yesterday I saw that Ashley over at Under the Sycamore was participating in the 10 on 10 photo challenge started by A Bit of Sunshine's Ten on Ten project.  I decided to join in on the fun.  I now plan on doing this every month, it was so much fun!!

ten on ten button small

9 am - CTV chillin' on our new new rug.  Love my little man.
10 am - Eli, Jackson and Colton racing their cars and monster trucks around the table, a regular occurrence at this time of day!  Notice CTV chugging his "choka milk"
11 am - Clementines are my favorite right now, and the stickers on bananas have been pretty funny lately!
12 pm - Nappy time
1 pm - Scrappy time!  I always create a huge mess!

2 pm - CTV and Jack are up from their nap.  CTV is reading his most favorite book ever, "Go Dog Go" and Jack is reading all about sizes.  Everything is HUGE!!!!
4 pm - (I forgot to take a pic at 3 pm) I set my Starbucks down on my dresser on my way to take a shower(thank you Luke for bringing me SBUX on your way home, love you!) and noticed the perfect picture!!  I never did get in the shower after that....I am so easily distracted!
5 pm - Dillon coloring a picture to send to his cousin Xavier.  I love looking at his drawings!
6 pm - (closer to 7!) Dinner time!!  
7 pm - The page I finished earlier in the day (I started it two weeks ago!!) 


  1. I love the "All you need is love" frame! Did you make that yourself?

    Nappy time is so sweet.

    Yanet of 3 SKBs

  2. Thank you! I did make it myself. I started it hoping to make it a scrapbook page but knew I would never be able to put it away in an album....I love it too!!

  3. I'll have to try this 10 on 10 sometime too. I love your pictures.